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Vacation Album1
Interesting Sights
Here are pictures of some of the memorable sights from our trip.


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So called conceptual art in 1970s had its expression in Catalunya in the group de treball,among whose adherents were Francese Abad,Fina Miralles and Angel Ribč.Such artists as Mguel Barcevčlo and Ferran Garcěa Sevilla,protagonist of neo-expressionism emerged in the 1980s.The gallery also presents temporay exhibitions and boats a good art bookshop. At the bottum of La Rambla,Barcelona presents hits old Porto,Port well. It has been transformed beyond recognition since 1980s.Instead of warehouse,railyards and dumps, you are confronted by chic shopping,harbourside munching, movies on-sea, discos and Irish pubs, parking for yachts, a huge aquarium-all these elements and more have left the" old port" looking brand spanking new. For a view of the barbour from the water you can take a golondrina excursion boat from Moll de La Drassanes in front of the monument a Colomb.



You may not arrive in Barcelona with jetlag, but your tummy will think it has abandoned all known time zones.Breackfast is generally a no-nonsense affair however, taken at bar on the way to work.Lanchtime is basically from 2 to 4 pm and is the main meal of the day. No meal would contemplate chomping into dinner before 9:30 pm. Most ( but not all ) kitchens close by midnight Don't panic! if your gastric juice can't hold out, you can easily track down bar snacks or fast food (local and international) outside this times.Brekfast with coffee with some sort of pastry is typical. You may get a croissant or some cream filled number. Some people prefer a savoury start. In the middle of the day you can eat the menu del dia, a set piece meal comprising three or more courses, with drink usually thrown in. If you want you can eat a Catalan dish, hits essence food lies in the sauces for meat and fish. These sauces may not be mentioned on menu as they're so obiquitous.