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Here are more great pictures from our vacation.


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The corrida

 Is about many things-death,bravery,performance. It is a certainly bloody and cruel and there is nothing worse than to see a matador and his sidekicks mess up the kill. Although it has its roots in ancient Roman"games", la lidia,as the art of bullfighting is also known, took off in an organised fashion in Spain in the mid 18th century. Only champion matadors make good money, and some make a loss, for the matador must rent or buy his outfit and equipment, pay for the right to fight a bull and pay his cuadrilla(team)When the bull seems tired and unlikely to give a lot more, the matador chooses his moment for the kill. Placing himself head-on he aims to sink waiving handkerchiefs in the air in clear appeal to the president to award the matador an oreja(ear)of the animal. the president waits to see how great is the crowd's enthusiasm before flopping a white handkerchief onto his balcony. If the fight was exceptional, the matador might cortar dos orejas(cut two ears off).On rare occasion the matador may be awarded the tail as well.Ok out the arena, you can buy souvenirs.




We all succumb at another to a little kitsch. If you are in that sort of mood, the easiest thing to do is head for La Rambla.The place is lined with shops that will sell you all sort of junk. Among the more popular items are bullfight posters with your name painted on them. Before you flash your cash at La Rambla's merchants, have a look inside Barcelona Original, the souvenir boutique in the building of Centre d'Indformaciò.It has an interesting range of quality stuff, including ceramics,watches,art-prints,coffee table book and the like.



El Toro